Unlock Immediate Access To The 3 Pillars of Speed Development


Did You Know…

After three steps, the elite athlete sprints 33% faster than the average athlete?

Or that an elite athlete moves 2 MPH faster than the average athlete after one step?

Or that by simply shifting where they make ground contact in their sprint, elite athletes produce 100% more force while sprinting?

If you’re like me, this information startled you…

It may even seem far-fetched…
But it’s true…

And luckily, there’s a process you can use to close the gap between yourself and elite sprinters to develop the elite speed that sets you apart from the competition.

All You Have to Do Is Build The 3 Pillars of Speed Development

See, there’s an ugly trend rearing its head in the speed world.

Everyone on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms has become an expert. And there’s only a small percentage of them who actually know what they’re talking about.

These social media “coaches” will give you lists of “the best speed exercises”,

Or “advanced speed drills”...

But really, all the drills and exercises in the world won’t help you acquire the speed you really desire unless they’re helping you build the 3 pillars.

The 3 Pillars of Speed Development

These 3 Pillars come from a decade of experience in teaching speed.

See, I’ve coached every kind of athlete under the sun - baseball, basketball, football, track, rugby, volleyball, swimmers, tennis players…you name the sport I’ve trained a high level athlete in it.

And, even more, I’ve worked with athletes who were fast, slow, tall, short, strong, and weak…

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed a series of trends, commonalities, among the fastest athletes. I also spent time studying Olympic track coaches, D1 Strength coaches, and implementing this information.

All of my findings from this evolved and became what I call the...

3 Pillars of Speed Development.

Pillar 1: Relative Force Production

If you don’t know…

Relative force production is the amount of force you can output relative to your body weight.

So, as a quick example, if one guy weighs 200 pounds and can squat 315, and another guy weighs 150 pounds and can squat 315, the second guy has higher relative force production.
This is absolutely critical for speed.

Because as you sprint, you constantly produce force, both vertically and horizontally, and you fight against the forces of gravity.


Most guys produce significantly less force than needed to keep up with elite athletes.

In fact, researchers have stated that the difference in force production between elite sprinters and the average athlete is a staggering 39 lb difference during acceleration and a 40 lb difference during max velocity per strike of the foot.

This means if their weight is the same, an elite athlete sprints about 33% faster than an average athlete after three steps.

The good news is, these disparities can be cleared up quickly by harnessing the power of plyometrics, triphasic training, and absolute strength development with compound lifts.

Another benefit of improved relative force production is better body control
and kinesthetic awareness.

These two attributes will help you down the line when you go to hone in on your mechanics…

Pillar 2: Acceleration Mechanics

Recently, professional baseball players have poured into my gym.

The main reason for this is my specialization in speed.

I had two of my baseball guys lead their leagues in bases stolen after they were told their speed would limit their ability to play professionally.

Since then, baseball players from all around are eager to work with me

This said...
The reason I’m successful is because I rebuild their acceleration mechanics, the 2nd pillar of speed development.
Whether you’re trying to blow by your defender on the basketball court,

Get the jump on a DB on the football field,

Or steal more bases,

Your acceleration mechanics are everything.

And there’s sprinting science to back this…

For one...

Researchers have shown that if two guys are equally matched in every aspect of a race, besides the start, the athlete with the better start will finish the race with a full one second advantage.

To put that in perspective, Usain Bolt beat the second place runner in the 100m by just .13 seconds.

So, if you’re botching your start, you’re at a serious disadvantage.


As I said above, the difference in velocity between an elite athlete and an average athlete after just their first step, is almost 2 MPH, and with each step, the gap between the two gets larger and larger.

So, if you’re looking to increase your first step explosiveness, acceleration mechanics are it.

Put simply…

A guy who’s versed in acceleration mechanics builds velocity faster than the competition.

So how do you sharpen your acceleration mechanics?

We break it down and focus on stance, start, and steps.

Stance is getting in the most efficient position to build speed this comes down to basic physics and setting the body up in the best mechanical advantage based off the angles of their limbs.

Start is generating as much force out of both legs as possible in the proper position of the body. Contrary to what most athletes believe they are rarely harnessing the force out of both legs when starting and if they are they aren’t doing it in the right direction.

Steps focus on the lower limb action the first few yards of a sprint. If we can get an athlete to produce efficient motion without cycling here we can drastically produce more force with each step and decrease unneeded motion.  

Nail those three things down, and you’ll be on your way to elite speed.

Pillar 3: Maximum Velocity Mechanics

This has to be one of my biggest coaching breakthroughs.

Believe it or not, we’re naturally inclined to sprint with bad mechanics. And without hitting on this pillar, you’ll be stuck with sub-optimal speed for your whole athletic career.

And after seeing guys suffer hamstring tears,

Seeing guys literally slow themselves down because of their faulty mechanics,

And seeing athletes just look awkward and unathletic while sprinting,
I was eager to find a way to right these wrongs. This is where the 3rd pillar comes in. It’s your frontside and backside mechanics.

If you look at your body laterally and put a line down the middle of your body, the frontside mechanics take place on the front side of your body, and the backside mechanics take place on the backside of your body

And if you properly shift contact with the ground more towards the front of your body, you’ll be able to produce more force and run faster.

An overwhelming amount of sprinting authorities agree on this.

In fact, researchers have found that the force created during the front side of ground contact is 2,000 Newtons (or about 450 lbs) while the force created during the backside is a measley 1,000 Newtons (or about 225 lbs).

That’s a 100% difference in force created in the frontside vs backside.

So, staying in backside mechanics is like getting 100 bucks to mow someone’s lawn, when you have the opportunity to mow the neighbor's smaller lawn for 200 bucks.

It doesn’t make sense…

Especially when athletes are capable of teaching their body to make ground contact in an efficient position.

What is needed is consistent, effective drills that isolate this component.

And again, athletes naturally run backside dominant. So without the proper drilling and without ingraining correct motor patterns, you’ll be stuck in the bad mechanics trap.

How to Escape from the Speed Traps

Speed mechanics can be confusing….

And this is why most athletes get stuck in speed traps…

They focus on tricks, cues, and drills to try and increase their speed…

With little success or knowledge of why they are perfomring them.

Instead, they need to look at their sprint as a whole, and isolate the components of their sprint that are faulty....
Then elevate the function of that component…

And re-integrate it back into their sprint.

It’s kind of like how a car mechanic isolates the issue in your car, repairs whatever parts are broken, and plugs them back into the car so it runs smoothly and safely.

This is the fastest way to develop the 3 pillars in your own sprint.

It’s about methodically progressing and developing the skill of sprinting through properly programmed workouts that build off each one.

Like I said above, I have a decade of speed-coaching experience.

I’ve coached athletes across all sports and ability levels…

And helped them shatter their speed expectations. 

Here Are Some Numbers We Achieved in The Past 3 Months

  • One of my NBA guys dropped his 10 yard dash time from 1.61 to 1.48
  • A football player dropped from 4.8 to 4.5 in his 40 yard dash time (the coveted time in the NFL is a 4.4)
  • Two of my baseball guys led their respective leagues in stolen bases
  • ​Another baseball guy dropped his 60 time by .45 seconds
If you want some of this speed success for yourself.

You’re In Luck

Because I’ve placed the culmination of 10 years of research, science, and field-testing into an easily repeatable system called Athletic Speed System.




Here’s What You Get

Component 1:
Athletic Speed System Manual ($47)
Inside of this detailed manual, I spill the theories behind the Athletic Speed System.  You'll discover the driving forces behind the most effective speed methodology I’ve ever developed. This includes the reasoning behind my programming, why I use certain tempos, periodization explanations, and more.
Component 2:
Athletic Speed System Video Library ($97)
In addition to the training manual, I’ve created a series of videos that dive deep into the theory behind Athletic Speed System. This is for people who’d prefer to watch, and listen, rather than read about the driving forces behind the program.
Component 3:
Sprint Analysis and Mechanics Breakdowns ($97)
Inside of the Athletic Speed System Hub, you’ll get a full sprint analysis of a few of my athletes. You’ll learn about their strong points, their weak points, what they’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong so that you can integrate the good and eliminate the bad in your sprint.
Component 4:
Testing Manual ($47)
The Testing Manual will be your guide to progression. This manual will lay out all of the measurements you need to take to measure your success with the program. As I always say, you can't manage what you don't measure.
Component 5:
Athletic Speed System Programs ($97)
The Advanced Athletic Speed Program throws every training strategy I’ve learned over the years at you, forcing your body to build the elastic strength, power, and relative force production necessary to improve your speed. The Advanced Program also contains speed drills designed to pinpoint your sprinting weaknesses and elevate them.
Component 6:
OTA Exercise Database ($27)
When you get inside of Athletic Speed System, you’ll gain access to the new, updated OTA Exercise Database. Inside, you’ll find extensive demonstrations of each movement, exercise, and drill you have to perform for the Athletic Speed System. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.
Component 7:
24/7 Coaching Support ($149)
How much of a slap in the face would it be to join a program with high hopes… Only to never hear a peep from the coach? You can have the peace of mind that I’ll personally be in your corner every step along the way. Because I provide every member of the Athletic Speed System with coaching support. Anytime you have questions or concerns… You can tap into over a decade of knowledge training every athlete under the sun...including some of the best pros in the world. Simply whip out your phone and shoot me a message...even if you just need some encouragement. Our team will respond as fast as physically possible to address it until you’re crystal clear.

But Wait… There’s More!

Exclusive Bonuses If You Take Action Today!

Component 8:
SPECIAL BONUS #1 - Beginner System ($47)
If you’ve been training for less than a year, or you're under age 13, you’ll want to start here. The beginner program is designed to help those who are new to training develop speed fast by providing you with the best training parameters for your experience level. It’s simple, easy to follow, and will get you athletic gains FAST through the mixture of timeless training principles and my new speed methodology.
Component 9:
SPECIAL BONUS #2 - Bodyweight System ($47)
As a special bonus, when you grab your copy of Athletic Speed System, you’ll also receive a complete bodyweight program. This means that even if you don’t have access to weights, or the other luxuries that come with a gym, you can still work on your speed.
Component 10:
SPECIAL BONUS #3 - 40/60 Manual ($27)
Learn the exact techniques I use with my professional athletes who prepared for the NFL Combine and MLB Showcases to run elite 40 and 60 yard dashes. Use this step by step checklist to ensure you are maximizing your times.
Component 11:
I want you to get results with Athletic Speed System as quickly as possible. And that means setting you on the right path, and answering all your questions from the jump. So when you join Athletic Speed System, I’m going to link you up with one of my coaches. This way, you get off to the best start possible.

Athletic Speed System Success Stories

Martin Olsson
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Dropped 10m from 1.56 to 1.47s
Teoscar Hernandez
  • Improved Acceleration Mechanics 
  • Doubled Stolen Bases
Marquez Valdes-Scantling 
  • Improved Vertical Force Output
  • Improved Top End Speed and First Step Explosiveness
Here’s the deal:

I see guys throwing thousands of dollars at self-proclaimed “speed trainers” who send flash and glam speed drills their way. 

These drills might look cool on YouTube, or instagram.

But drills, special exercises, and “speed secrets” in isolation won’t turn the dial on your speed.
  • A Simple, Proven, and Effective 14 Week Approach to Improve Your Speed
  • Step by step progressions of speed drills from foundational to advanced that quickly install speed in your step
  • 5 Factors that restrict your speed potential and how to fix them
  • How a lack of endurance can hinder your sprint speed
  • ​The #1 Compound Lift for ELITE Speed
  • Your first three steps are the most important. Learn the drills and cues you need to develop EXPLOSIVE acceleration inside
  • ​How a higher vertical jump translates to faster maximum velocity, and the methods to improve both of these attributes
  • A complete breakdown of Frontside and Backside Mechanics to MAXIMIZE sprinting efficiency AND velocity (not many others teach these concepts the way I do)
  • ​3 Common Sprinting No-No’s (And how to correct them)
  • Stride rate has always been a point of emphasis for track coaches. Truth is, it’s overrated. Find out why this is and what to focus on instead
  • ​Plyometric exercises to improve your first step explosiveness, vertical jump, and maximum velocity
  • Why increasing your work capacity is absolutely imperative to prevent injury and improve your sprinting, and the methods needed to improve your work capacity
  • ​Lots of athletes experience trunk rotation while they run, which slows them down. Learn how to use a band to totally eliminate this problem
  • Tons of athletes have “heavy feet” that POUND the ground when they run, this results in lost speed. Inside, you’ll learn force absorption exercises to decrease ground contact time and raise your maximum velocity
  • ​A strange method to heighten your nervous system so you jump higher and run faster
  • ​How to use “tempo lifts” to decrease ground contact time and acceleration explosiveness
  • ​Methods to increase the amount of fast-twitch fibers you use when you sprint (this results in more speed)
And a bunch more...
My speed approach is developed from hours and hours of in-field experience,

And even more time spent trimming all the fat.

There are no secrets,

No hidden wisdom,

No magic pills.

Everything inside of Athletic Speed System is knowledge that’s out there in the public.

The difference between me and guys who just have the knowledge is that I’ve applied these methods practically. And more, I’ve plugged these methods into a progression that unfailingly unlocks the speed potential of athletes from all walks.

So, I could charge you monthly like those other “speed gurus”,

Or I could hit you with my hourly rate (which is well over 500),

But I’m not going to…

Because I want these methods to be accessible to athletes of all walks, all skill levels. 

I’m going to price Athletic Speed System at a fair, and low:


Chris’s Ironclad 30 Day Speed Guarantee
Try the system for 30 Days. It works. But if for some reason you give it an honest, fair chance and you don’t increase your speed like I’ve promised, then I will give you back 100% of the money you paid.
I’ve tested this speed progression with dozens of athletes.

My athletes and I have experienced the magic this program is capable of firsthand. 

That being the case, you may have some deficiencies that I’m unaware of. If that’s the case, and you aren’t physically faster after 30 days, just shoot me an email and I’ll refund your money PLUS I’ll guide you in a direction that supports your athleticism.

Think of it as quality assurance,


Or a test-drive.

But, I’m sure you won’t need to use it, because there’s a long list of athletes who’ve benefited from the effectiveness of Athletic Speed System.
Here’s What Other Athletes Had to Say About Athletic Speed System
TJ Leaf: Indiana Pacers
  • Drastically Improved First Step Explosiveness
  • 10 Yard Time Dropped From 1.62 to 1.48 seconds in less than 3 months
  • Focused on Acceleration Mechanics to Achieve This
Rayshawn Jenkins: L.A Chargers
  • Massively Raised Relative Force Production
  • Broad Jump Rose from 128” to 139” in less than 3 months
  • Vertical Jump Rose from 37” to 42” in less than 3 months
Bo Bichette : Toronto Blue Jays
  • Increased Maximum Velocity
  • 60 yard Time Dropped From 7.1 to 6.3 seconds
  • Emphasis Placed on Honing Frontside/Backside Mechanics
Many Athletes Aren’t Ready for More Speed...
Over the past few years,

I’ve made a transformation from a coach who thought he knew speed, to a coach that’s turned his gym into a speed factory. I’m bringing in average athletes, pushing them through the assembly line, and they hop off the end of the line as a faster, more refined, and confident athlete.

And in the next 14 weeks, you have the opportunity to harness that speed for yourself.

Question is, are you ready for it?

There’s a population of athletes who are afraid of success.

Yeah, consciously, they want to win. They want to be successful. But deep down, they’re indifferent.

They’re comfortable riding the coattails of more elite athletes.

And you can tell by their actions.

Instead of grinding in the gym, they lie in bed posting things on Instagram like bored, hmu with questions,

Or if they do step into the gym, they do the same weights week after week, like they’re just checking a box, or scratching an item off a chore list,

If you relate to this...

Athletic Speed System ain’t right for ya.

However, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort it takes to pump speed into your step, and you have the mental discipline to push yourself to your absolute limits - increasing weights each week, performing plyometrics with intent, and following mechanics drills with focus - Athletic Speed System will work wonders for you.

And I highly recommend that you take Athletic Speed System for a run:


What exactly am I getting?
After ordering Athletic Speed System you will be emailed your username/password to log into the OTA Hub. Inside you will be able to access the complete Athletic Speed System program along with our OTA Exercise Database. 
How does it work?
Athletic Speed System uses a Tri-Phasic approach with strategic exercises, tempos and reps/sets to target your explosive muscle fibers. 
Do I need any equipment?
For the main Athletic Speed System program all you'll need is access to a commercial gym. If you don't have access, you'll be able to use the bodyweight edition of Athletic Speed System.
Does Athletic Speed System include the upper body training?
Yes, Athletic Speed System is a complete program with lower and upper body days. You can't get the most out of your speed if you don't train your upper body. 
Does it expire or do I have lifetime access?
You'll have access to Athletic Speed System and any other program you buy for life. Your OTA Hub account does not expire, unless you request a refund. 
I am in-season, can I still do it?
I recommend doing Athletic Speed System In-Season Edition. The main Athletic Speed System program is an off season program and would be too taxing to do in-season. 
How long is this program?
Athletic Speed System is a 14 week, 4 days a week program that will take your vertical jump to new heights. Each workout will last around an hour to 1.5 hours max. 
How long do I have to wait to get access to Athletic Speed System?
Athletic Speed System is a digital, online membership site meaning you get instant access to all the materials and videos the second you join, even if it's 4am. Since there’s nothing to mail and no physical books etc, we can keep our program really affordable, saving you a ton of money for all this cutting-edge training.
What if it doesn't work for me or I'm not satisfied?
Athletic Speed System has been proven time and time again to work if you implement it properly. If you're not seeing results, don't wait to get in touch with our support staff to get help. They'll be able to guide you and give feedback on what you might be doing wrong, or how to tailor the workouts to your specific situation. 

You have 90 full days to test it out for yourself. If you aren't happy with your progress, we'll work with you until you do, or give you a full refund. No hassles. 

All you need to do is reach out to support by sending us an email to
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